Welcome to Cognizance Media + Consulting.

We are a boutique consultancy firm that focuses in the realms of strategy and personal/professional development and omni-channel marketing.

We excel at branding fundamentals, community engagement and integrative marketing solutions. We combine digital, experiential and conventional marketing methods to create cutting edge campaigns that engage the end user and delver a measurable ROI to the stakeholders.

Lastly we guide organizations in building a solid plan for the future to increase their bottom line while making their working environments a happier and healthier place. We have done this through our extensive background in:
– Coaching and personal development;
– Strategic, agile and organic business development;
– Optimizing organizational structures and workflows;
– Implementing digital solutions;

Our world is beautifully crafted, simple, effective and awesome. Connect with us and we will create something similarĀ for you.

We would love to begin a conversation with you. Please reach out and connect with us.